Why Is Time So Elusive?

What is the one ‘thing’ that cannot be saved, shared, bought or sold, seen or heard. It cannot be captured, controlled, bargained for, or stopped. It’s not even a thing, it has no fundamental size, shape, physical quality.

It’s a thing, a thing that we can measure, talk about, regret about losing, and complain about not having enough of, but really, what is it? Shapeless, colorless, weightless, it doesn’t smell or look bad. Is it a concept? A construct developed by humans to put limits on our individual experiences on earth?

The one thing that is limited, and unlimited at the same time (no pun). The great equalizer among men is time. A commodity that each of us have but no one knows how much.

We know when our time began, but never when it will end naturally.

Our time on the planet is unknown.

We seek more of it. Even though it is free it is also priceless, we squander it on mindless games or TV shows or just being lazy, or worse, just wasting time.

Wait. Our incremental time slots, can be bought and sold, if you have a job, you are selling your time for money, that just means you are sharing your time with those other then with whom you would prefer to spend your time.

We attempt to control time by planning our time. It cannot be stopped. Even if we die, time goes on and on.

An interesting thing: time.

We all want more of it, which is impossible. We have a limited amount. That, we cannot change.

We talk about it as if we could control it. “How will I spend my time?”

Wisely I hope? Time waits on no man. We are all on time schedules in an attempt to control this limited resource. We say “Don’t waste my time.” But we cannot own it.

It’s value is beyond reproach. No way to get more.

It is far more valuable than money. We must spend it to live; buy groceries, housing, and recreation.

It seems like the older I get the quicker time goes by, there have been times when I was attending a (boring) meeting that time seemed to stand still, at the same meeting, someone would say ” Is it that time already? That time just flew by!” Shocking how the same time frame can give two different perceptions. That makes the perception of time on an individual basis variable. So we each perceive time differently.

When I look back, time seems to have gone so quickly, however when I look forward, it appears to go so much slower, even crawling at times.

Time perception is especially interesting while waiting. Some people are great waiters; they pull out their iPad or their phone, and get busy waiting. It’s what we do after all.

So how can we manage what we cannot control?

Every time we notice that we are carelessly using our most valuable resource, think about this article and rethink your actions. Can you use your time more wisely?

What would you do if you knew how much time you had?

What would you do differently?

How would you spend your time?

Would you use it wisely? Or would you wish it away?

Source by Leslie E Carmody

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