A Business Speaker Discusses the Challenges of Change

Handling any kind of major changes for a group can be difficult, but not for the business speaker. The reactions by many people are not what you might expect and you are introduced to many new problems. This is the time when you need to lessen the possibilities of errors that could come about by looking into a few tips.

Putting forth the assertion of your authority is the first step that you will need to take. While you can still get along with people, they need to be aware of your leadership and respect that level. If there are rules that need to be set forth, then make those rules known to everyone, not just a few. Showing authority will hold your group together, instead of causing chaos.

Also, consider that the time you spend is very valuable and you want to make sure that everything runs smoothly within it. There is less room for errors at this point so everyone must keep to their schedules and meet every deadline. The keynote speaker knows that having a committee run a group will only lead to deformations in the ranks. One person with full authority is the best option to consider for maintaining order with large groups.

Respect is a huge part of being able to have people look up to you. You need to make sure that you are credible to all who work under you so they feel a sense of trust with you. Now this should not be taken as trying to win a popularity contest with those around you. Show your authority by keeping the focus on the goal and doing whatever it takes to achieve that goal.

You can rule as a leader over a group where not everyone is going to like you, but remember what you are trying to do. Control is the key and keeping a good level of it without being too controlling is the best option. Listen to what others have to say and know that you may not have all the answers to their questions. It is okay to not have every answer, but they will respect you for the fact that you took the time to listen to them.

Setting priorities is the basis of everything that you need for your group to stay on task. When you have these straightened out and assigned to those that can complete them, the results are positive. Remind your group that when problems arise, this is not the time to start losing the focus. There may be confusion among many, but remind them of their exact tasks that they need to complete.

While you are the leader among the masses in the group, you will have to deal with those that will not agree with the change. Make a plan to stop the problems before they start by showing your leadership skills and mapping out the changes. With the business speaker you will be able to lead your group to excellence in their endeavors.

Source by Sherri Elliott Yeary

Two Secrets to Achieving Successful Workout Conclusions

It seems so obvious that it defies logic; Most people – lawyers, various representatives of borrowers in default, etc. – do not totally grasp, understand and do what a workout requires.

Know the process and embrace the enemy. Cooperate with the system without violating your own terms. Return calls, deliver all requested paperwork, show your hand face-up. You have nothing to lose, or hide, and cooperation goes a very long way in effective resolution.

This does not mean you need to agree with them. This does not require you to pay over more than you can afford, but it does require full and complete cooperation with the process. Making the bank's job easy is a benefit to you in the long run and does not erode your position. Cooperation does not require you to deliver the conclusion the bank wants, only the procedures it requires. It is interesting to note that if one follows the process and cooperates at this level, the loan workout conclusion tends to be on your own terms — that is the secret.

We talk to many bankers who appreciate our deep understanding of the process and delivery as requested and required. They complain about lawyers and borrowers in default who make it more difficult than it has to be, people who resist providing information or cooperation and so impede the labor process thinking this is the way for them to succeed. Not so! Presumably, the inability to pay debt service or refinance is clear and absolute. So what is the issue in cooperating with the process? There is little to lose and much to gain.

The real issue is that most do not understand what the process is and how to take full advantage of it so they fail trying. It's unfortunate, as we see many loan workout efforts going up in smoke and resulting in massive loss and bankruptcy. This would be unnecessary if the players understood the rules of the game and worked within the system.

So I say, two of our secrets for success are:

1) Know the system, the rules and the requirements of the process.

2) Cooperate with the bank, fulfilling the requirements so a conclusion can be reached.

It takes experience and expertise to understand what the requirements are for implementing a successful loan workout and how to achieve this objective. Without this knowledge and experience, and then expertise, there can be no success. Understanding the system and being a willing to work within the system are two of the secrets we employ to reach the best result possible. It works.

Source by Don Todrin

How To Get Clients Being A Freelance Designer

This might be the most important post i have written until now. Assuming you meet the minimum requirements to be able to work as a freelance designer via internet: you must know English, have a Paypal account, a quality online portfolio … What can we do to get a job?

As i said many times the promotion of your services is the key in this business, do not think that because you are very good people will come from now to ask you to work for them. IT'S THE BIGGEST MISTAKE YOU CAN MAKE.

This is the idea:

  1. Get the maximum possible people to visit our website.
  2. Have a good relationship with search engines.
  3. Trafic oriented to possible clients.
  4. Reusing clients: newsletter.
  5. Local publicity.
  6. Getting a good representative.
  7. Contacting companies directly.

1.- Get the maximum possible people to visit our website.

Why? Silly question, is not it? It's obvious that while more people visit our website the bigger the chances to get clients. ERROR !!!!

Let me give a little suspense … an example: SOSFactory a couple of months ago had 4000 visits per month, not long ago i got a link with a lot of traffic and now it has more than 25000, you would say the number of Clients has grown? … Well no, it's still the same. But the consumed bandwidth did grow, maybe soon i'll have to upgrade my hosting plan, which means investing more money. The idea is that until until a certain point, the quality of the traffic is more important than quantity.

The question in your head might be, then why do we want them to visit our website? Simple, if it has more visits it will increase the number of people talking about you, more people will link to your website (as long as you offer quality content) and this way you will get a better position in search engines (Google, Yahoo , Msn).

Example: we do mascots design, imagine i'm a visitor and when i see them i like them. If you have a website, in the links section you would put something like this: " mascot design " (it's a link to "SOSFactory" with some keywords: mascots design). If a lot of people do the same, Google will understand my website is about "mascot design", and that is an important website for those search terms, this way Google will put my website in the first results while searching "mascot design". This traffic is very important … depending on the search term there will be more or less competitors to appear in the first results.

How to get links:

  1. Get people to put links of your site offering free, original and funny content (tutorials, articles, games …)
  2. Putting yourself the links to your website (forums, blogs, directories, social networks …). Always with respect, eh? No SPAM.
  3. Ask your clients for links. It's voluntary, if it accepts, great.
  4. Exchanging them with other webmasters. It's heavy and barely has an effect.
  5. Buying massive links. As far as i know, it does not work well, it can even be bad for your business.

What you should never do:

  1. Using Flash, if you do, use it just a little … no complete Flash websites.
  2. Forget about welcome pages or pop-ups. 50% of your visitors will leave before 30 seconds … so you have to go directly to the point.
  3. Try that your website is not to heavy in graphics, the more text the better.
  4. Design your website below 1024x768px resolution.
  5. Never design just for one browser. It has to look good at least in Internet Explorer and Firefox.

2.- Have a good relationship with search engines

In english it's called SEO (search engine optimization), mainly for Google. There are thousands of forums, manuals and blogs dedicated to this so we will explain only the basics.

Appart from making us important thanks to links from other websites, we can also make Google understand better what's our site about, with this we increase chances of appearing in the first search results.

How can we accomplish this? Well, mainly with HTML code and our website strucure (and also the links we were talking about in the previous point):

Page title: It's about putting your keywords in the title; If you take a look at the source code of this page (in IExplorer: View> Source Code), you will see at the beginning something like this:

<Title> Work for freelance designers – SOSFACTORY </ title>

Meta Tags: the same for Meta Tags:

<Meta name = keywords content = "mascot design, logo design, illustration, web design, graphic design, freelance designer, comics, character design, logo, web">

This tells the search engine what is your site about, so we have to put the keywords you want Google to search for your site. The more important ones are the ones that describe and keywords.

Titles "": the search engine recognizes with these tags relevant frases in the text of the website. We also have to put our keywords here.

Bold and Italics "" and "": we have to repeat the keywords in the content of the site putting them in bold and italics.

Density of the keywords in the text: we have to repeat our keywords in the content of our website.

Images: Google prefers text, but we can also optimize images. Mainly putting the keywords in the tag "Alt" and in the name of the file (example: my-keyword.jpg).

Website structure:

  1. From your website, Google will follow links to the rest of the pages inside the site, so it's good to have a sitemap to make it easier … if Google does not find the page is like if it does not exist.
  2. Name your titles as the keywords (example: my-website.com/my-keyword.html)
  3. Name the folders of your site as the keywords (example: my-website.com/my-keyword/my-keyword.html)
  4. Do not put your pages in a thousand folders, maximum 3 levels.
  5. Use your keywords to link between the pages inyour site.
  6. External links: link from your texts to pages with similar content to yours (not competitors, of course)

3.- Trafic oriented to possible clients

At first, until you have traffic from search engines (which usually take a while) or you are not very well known, this will be your mail resources source. It's simply about promotion in those sites where there are potencial clients.


In forums there are two things to keep in mind: firstly being seen in job offers subforums, usually those are low budget jobs but they can help you build a good portfolio; On the other hand, you also need to be seen in the rest of the boards, where you might meet the best clients, help people and you will get good contacts.

Webhostingtalk.com: it's a forum dedicated to the hosting business (and other things), there are people with a lot of money and thousands of domains … which means they need lots of designs. It's free and in english. If you are starting, this is a good place to make a good portfolio, with some time you can get to clients with a higher level in this same forum.

Sitepoint.com: basically the same as the previous one.

Paid websites for freelance designers:

Getafreelancer.com: it's the tipical website where people post projects and you as a designer bid to get the job, everything's in there, decent jobs and garbage. The website is in english and it's pretty ugly and it goes for a% of the income.

Scriptlance.com: It's more focused to programmers, but there are also jobs for designers. It works like the previous one,% of the sales, but the website has a much better design, it's in english.

Elance: design jobs does not have a big budget, but there is a lot of work, if you are quick you can make a lot of money. They have a complicated system though, it's in english and very expensive, so it's more like an investment … if you are starting maybe you wont be able to afford this.

Art Communities:

It's the most risky way to search for a job, it's where 'bad' people come searching for young ones to use them. Remember to ask for a payment in advance … ALWAYS !!. The best thing is that you can find partners, and also inspiration and have a good time.

Deviantart: it's the art community with Capital Letters. The jobs board is not very serious, but the rest of the site is amazing, it has a great content and a good design … Website.

GFX artist: there are two kinds of job offers, the low budget clients and "projects" in the bad sense of the word, and job offers for businesses that require reclamation in the country of the offer. This is a bit more elite community, you need to host images in your server or pay for a suscription. We could say it's for more expert people.

Digital Webbing: if you are crazy enough to live from comics this is one of the best sites. I would never recommend to owe only to comics, as a fond is great, it helps to grow as an artist … it's not good as a business, unless you are a painter, and a well known one.

4.- Reusing clients: newsletter

Newsletters or subscriptions are a good marketing instrument, although it's also a double-edged weapon.

We are able to remind an old customer we are still available to do any job he wants … but you have to be careful, or it can be classified as SPAM. I guess there's no need to say that to be hired again you have to do a good work, as a freelance designer, reputation is very important

5. Local publicity

It's always useful to invest some money in printed material like posters, flyers, business cards … and leave them in stores related with computers. I do not think i need to say to put the URL of your portfolio in everything you print.

The inconvinient is that you might have to invest much more time in meetings with your clients.

The advantage is that you do not have the brutal competition that exists on the internet, particularly asian companies.

6.- Getting a good representative

Another option to be seen is hiring a representative, it will do all the promotion work for you in exchange of a% of the sales. Agents that are worth it are very requested, so if you do not have a good portfolio they wont work with you … maybe even if you have it.

Folioart.co.uk: they have artists with renown as Gez Fry or Jason Brooks, but others are mediocre.

Centralillustration.com: hey search for a bit more alternative artists.

Mendolaart.com: the artists of all styles, some of them are good, and some others are not.

Glasshousegraphics.com: representative mostly for comic artists. There lots of people, so they do not pay you much attention but you can try.

7.- Contacting the companies directly

Job websites:

This websites have job offers to work in a company, sometimes they also ask for freelance designers, but it's rare. Requirements are demanding, and you will have to go to live to the place the company is located. You will need a Curriculum and a presentation letter.

Coroflot.com: lots of job offers, particularly in United States. They have improved the site laately, now it looks like an artists social network.

Malakye.com: job offers exclusively for sport trademarks: Billabong, Rip Curl, Adio … Who does not want to work for trademarks like this? They have a very interesting newsletter where they give a lot of advices at the time to prepare your Curriculum.

Gamedev.net: job offers for the videogames sector.

Yellow pages: for spain, i guess that in the rest of the countries they might have similar services. If you want to see the hell in life, i advise you to work in Spain as a designer, thousands of job offers with ridiculous dishes asking for requirements not even 5 people could have together 🙂

Big companies offers:

The most direct road between two points in the straight line. Many companies offer jobs in their own website … it's just a matter of searching in the corporative sections, and being very good doing what you do.

Corporate.disney.go.com: i'm sure this ones seem familiar.

Pixar.com/companyinfo/jobs: if you have the lever to get in here, what are you doing reading this?

Mattel.com: if you like toys, working here is the best.

Blizzard.com/jobopp/: starcraft, world of warcraft, warcraft … who does not know this people?

Marvel.com/company: for the comic artists.

This kind of posts are 'heavy' and not many people read them … i'm conscious it's been made only for a few people, the ones who really want to live off design and are ready to work hard.

If what you want is a magical formula to sell logos for 10,000 US $, you are in the wrong site … if i knew that i would not be writing this article 🙂

Source by Sergio Ordonez

The Real Reason Why People Are Overweight In North America

Diet Confusion:

I do not have a PHD in nutrition, but I am a Kinesiologist and fitness trainer who has been directly involved with the weight loss supervision of hundreds of people over the past 12 years. I have kept up with an endless stream of information about how humans respond to different foods, what variables influence fat loss, what studies offer the best solution to the obesity epidemic, and finally what nutrients and supplements have the most favorable effect on weight loss.

After all of my reading, education, and personal experience I would like to take one of the most complex issues in today's world and make it very simple. After the best efforts of the processed food and diet industries to convince you otherwise, maintaining a lean physique 365 days per year for most, if not all, of your life comes down to this fact:

There are two major types of people in this world when it comes to "feel good" brain chemistry. Those with a high or higher sensitivity to reward and those with a low or lower susceptibility to reward. The basic idea here is that higher the sensitivity to reward, the harder it is to maintain impulse control during certain situations. Also people who have a higher sensitivity to reward usually have less dopamine and will seek out more extreme impulse based behaviors to feel good. This can happen during childhood, which also could be why overweight kids have a harder time with weight management later in life.

This is how the trouble starts:

Step one: Person's mixture of genes alters brain chemistry and leads them towards displaying high sensitivity to reward behaviors possibly due to low dopamine levels. This is called Reward Deficiency Syndrome.

Step two: They decide to excessively use the natural pleasure of food to medicate their mood instead of illicit drugs

Step three: Over time there is a down regulation of the effect that food has, and the intake volume and / or insulin spiking effect of the food related choices increases.

Step four: Weight goes up and pleasure / life satisfaction goes down. The whole process is reinforced and the cycle continues.

Obviously this is on a continuum, and different people have different levels of sensitivity to Reward.
However, for the millions of people who struggle with weight, diets, and self loathing here is your test:

High Sensitivity to Reward Test:

When you decide to indulge, you can eat 1 double chocolate cookie or a small handful of chips and then walk away; Never give it another thought? Or are you the one who can not seem to stop once you get going? If you are the latter, then you likely have a high sensitivity to reward (HSR) when it comes to food.

This matters because there will be certain foods, ingredients, diet methods, and supplements that will act as triggers, and make sticking to a long-term, sensible eating plan nearly impossible for you. Here's my short list:

Refined White Sugar

From 0-100-0 in 1 week

Artificial Sweetener

The Micro vs Macro Scam


1. Refined White Sugar:
This is by far the most important and rewarding decision a high sensitivity to reward (HSR) PERSON can make in their lives. The 360 ​​metric tons of refined sugar that are shipped to our continent each year can be found in almost every non-whole food item we consume today. It is in everything from the slices that make up your "healthy" six-inch veggie sub, to the "energy boosting" sports drinks that the pro's use to re-fuel.

If you are balanced and passed the cookie and chip test above, sugar eat might be ok for you in moderation. For the rest of the world who can not stop at a little, this makes life much harder. Why you might ask? Refined white sugar is also known as sucrose, and has been processed with the goal of removing any insulin regulating elements including fiber. This process provides sugar the ability to spike insulin levels and affect brain chemistry in the same way that drugs such as cocaine do. Refined sugar is highly addictive to those in constant need of a dopamine fix, and in fact its chemical structure is only one nitrogen molecule away from cocaine itself.


Refined white sugar is a drug; A drug that is highly addictive. If you are a person who completely failed the cookie test above, there is no way you can keep any sugar in your life and maintain the lean body you desire over the long term. Bodybuilder style diets that offer a cheat day will be the worst for you. As hard as it may be, if you can keep your refined intake under 8-10 grams per day, you will quickly drop substantial body fat and more easily avoid binging on food. You still need tricks or you will not be able to sustain your no sugar ways. If you are at a social function where desert is served, ask for low glycemic fruit like berries. In your daily routine find foods that are pleasurable to eat on occasion, but do not illicit cravings or induction a binge. These foods will need to be under a glycemic Index of 55 if alone and 70 when coupled with protein.

2. From 0-100-0 in 1 week:
Most people who will find this post are looking to be healthy through both nutrition and exercise. It has been my experience that for active HSR types there is a strong relationship between exercise and eating well. The issue is that there is also often a relationship between a lack of exercise and poor eating choices. The point here is that some of the most active people I know look like they work out the least. These are people who do hours of cardio per week, complete the hardest DVD workout systems, cycle to work, and … carry an extra 20-50 pounds for most of the year. How is this possible? Simple. These people are HSR types that need a drug fix at all times. So for 30-40 days at a time they hop on a strict or "cleanse" type diet; Coupling it with an extreme workout plan that will act as a suitable replacement to the food fix. The problem is that with exercise they go from a stand still to a full sprint in the first week of training, and switch from calorie surplus eating to a deprivation diet not fit for an anhedonic bird.


You have an addictive personality and it's ok. If it's not sugar it might as well be exercise … BUT..for long term success the intensity of the commitment needs to be altered. You can not train long and hard all the time and eat like a reality show housewife or it will not last; And the chances of ending up face first in a tub of Hagen Daas will increase dramatically. Instead alternate high intensity workouts with lower intensity ones. Do something every day, but after three workouts in a row, take a day where the activity consist only of a brisk walk or some low intensity, structured cardiovascular exercise. Have a low glycemic treat after every high intensity workout (max 3 per week) instead of one big cheat day at the end of the week.

3. Artificial Sweeteners:
This is like using tantric intercourse to overcome a sex addiction; Pure torture. Artificial sweeteners like Splenda activate the reward pathway that HSR type people are seeking, but apparently do not reduce the craving for sugar. This complete mental tease could have negative implications for those trying to lose weight. In fact, "exposure to an artificial sweetener may limit the brain's ability to track calories and to determine when to stop eating."


They do more damage than good. Everyone is now afraid that an apple will make them fat, but a mountain of chemical sweetener is just what the doctor ordered. Eat the apple, get the natural sugar, feel full from the fiber, live a longer life, and perform better in the gym. This is a trigger for the brains of HSR people and should be avoided. Next time you hit the Starbucks, forgo the sweetener. Even if you are mildly lactose intolerant, put the splash of 5% cream into your coffee instead and enjoy it! (Btw, it's only 15 calories..5 more than skim..tastes way better).

4. The Micro-Macro Scam:
Have you ever met someone who has read all the books, learned all of the biochemistry, memorized the names of every supplement ever created, and is more concerned about getting enough white bean extract to block the absorption of carbohydrates than focusing on the huge plate of Pasta they consumed for lunch? Well I have, many times, and I know where it all starts. When it comes to the weight loss industry there is one aspect that has proven to be extremely profitable; Focus on the science and you'll keep em coming back. I'm not totally blaming the supplement companies. We can all be seduced by a quick fix, and for most people it is easier to put the littlest detail in front of the big picture when we believe it will take less effort to get what we want .. The fact remains that many people in North America will buy a shelf full of weight loss pills and powders before they will consistently hit the calorie targets necessary for real, sustainable weight loss. There is a never ending list of costly natural supplements that will yield a ton of money for health companies, and will do nothing for you without first eating less food than you need to maintain your body weight.


The only pill from a bottle that will allow a human being to lose weight without calorie restriction will have side-effects strong enough to put a herd of horses into identical cardiac arrest. Focus on the big picture. Sugar is out. Find out how many calories you need to lose 1-2 pounds of body weight per week and stick to it. Eat at least three meals per day; Mixing protein, low glycemic complex carbs, and tons of veggies. Eat real food first and avoid fake sweeteners. Use high fiber meals to make portion control easy. Do something every day, but remember this is a marathon not a sprint so mix up the intensity every day. Have at least three trips every week that are low to moderate glycemic and do not lead to cravings. Finally, get rid of all your triggers and start listening to your body again. Then, and only then, will you understand the real reason why people are overweight in North America. Good luck!

Source by Alex Allan

How Mobile App Technology Is Transforming The Healthcare Industry

Mobile technology has its impact in the Healthcare, Medical, and Pharmaceutical industry. Mobile apps are helpful to the doctors, fitness experts, patients & hospital management staff. Doctors prescribe the patients through apps. Patients can get on-time reminders for medicine & regular health checkups. Mobile health technology has formulated the new ways that doctors can assist patients, health conscious people can remain healthy by using fitness apps. Hospital management staff can easily maintain the stock of medicines, injections & other activity by using Mobile Apps.

Medical professionals other than doctors such as medical practitioners, Hospital Management staff & students also make use of apps for the ease of all sorts of operations & routine tasks.

A survey conducted in the US reveals 62% US smartphone owners have used their phone to get information about a health condition in the year of 2015. Therefore, it is proved that mobile apps belong to Healthcare industry get a good user response.

Let’s Understand How Mobile Apps are Transforming the Healthcare Industry-

Mobile Apps for Doctors-

The medicinal services experts, specialists, Physicians and Medical understudies additionally need to experience some clinical data. For the most part, an application of a therapeutic word reference is helpful for the rehearsing specialists and understudies. For any sort of inquiry in medicinal terms, they can rapidly get the best arrangement.

Medical Apps for Doctors have normal components, for example, Medical news, Drug data and devices, Disease and Condition Information, Medical Calculators, Drug Formulary Information, Continuing Medical Education Courses, Offline Assess, and so forth.

By introducing an application, Doctors can know about the Medical gatherings plans, critical diary articles, meeting news, and so forth. Specialists can refresh themselves about the medications and dose, recipes, scales, etc.

Healthcare Mobile Apps for Patients

Owing to unhealthy food, polluted weather, tight professional schedule & disturbed routine life cycle each individual is suffering from small or big health issues.

Due to unhealthy food consumption, polluted weather, tight professional schedule & disturbed routine life cycle each individual is suffering from small or big health issues. It is better that they know about various wellbeing conditions, maladies, medals and some home cures. Best healthcare mobile applications have a decent accumulation of information including different restorative circumstances, suggestions to take prescriptions, and so on.

In some cases, the patients with an urgent need to call for the Ambulance. The applications can help you immediately when you are in critical condition. When you press the help button in an urgency numbers, get a notice about the urgency made alongside the location.

Indeed, even a Doctor can oversee wellbeing records, arrangements, Patient’s well-being history, the past and current wellbeing condition and so on. The different applications are accessible for the comfort of Doctors. With the assistance of versatile applications for patients, it’s simple for the Doctors to track a record of all patients seek the treatment. Admin department can likewise leave restorative arrangement suggestions to the patients through email, SMS, and direct application notifications.

Some huge clinics likewise oversee itemized information of all patients. A patient’s therapeutic record journal can likewise be overseen through Mobile applications.

Mobile Apps for Pharmaceutical Companies

The pharmaceutical organizations fabricate different medications and a considerable lot of them can offer their meds through the mCommerce application. As an eCommerce business has far to go, Pharmaceutical organizations, likewise have jumped into it.

They encourage you to gather the endorsed drugs from your doorstep with discounted rates. The clients can transfer a photo of the Doctor’s depiction or select diagnosis tests.

At the point when a request for the medicine is dropped, an accomplice retailer contacts the client and convey the correct medications with sensible rates. Best Pharmaceutical applications encourage the clients for well-being and therapeutic charging too.

Hospital Management with the Mobile Apps

Huge and popular international healing centers have numerous wards and treat various patients all the while. They keep an additional a staff of many individuals, including specialists, medical caretakers, ward cleaners, supporting staff, Admin, Security, and so forth. Indeed, even the master specialists from alternate healing centers likewise visit the patients conceded. Consequently, healing centers have a major information to deal with consistently. The superlative application advancement organizations can easily create the full, highlighted applications for the doctor’s facility administration.

Doctor’s facilities put a supply of different medications and solutions, infusions, operational instruments, stretchers and other gear, machines, and so forth. Stock upkeep of numerous drugs is an intense errand. The staff can utilize a particular versatile application for the same. Versatile applications show a rundown of drugs with accessible stock. Administration staff gets the warning for the pharmaceuticals with low stock and out of the stock.

Medicinal mobile applications for Doctors and patients are truly useful from various perspectives. Any medicinal expert just requires the sharp personalities for versatile application development who can comprehend their necessities and fabricate a perfect application.

Mobile Applications for Fitness freaks

In the fast paced life, individuals have turned out to be more cognizant about their wellness and wellbeing. The everyday routine includes exercise in morning and evening and managing calorie intake the applications can help with the nutrition and calorie intake.

Yoga is the best practice for physical and mental prosperity. Introduce yoga application and experience the recordings as you practice the discipline. Wellness versatile applications additionally specify how “Aasans” and “Pranayam” are valuable for wellbeing. The full-included body wellness applications can direct you precisely as the specialists.

Source by Pradeep Soni

Tax Law Changes for 2014

Just like another year has come and gone, there is a handful of tax laws that will come and go starting on January 1, 2014. Some of the changes are due to expiration laws that were enacted in an attempt to spur economic growth during the most Recent recession – others were caused by new legislation, rarely the Affordable Care Act, or otherwise known as Obama Care.

The first and by far the most widely discussed tax law change is related to the new health care law. The main component of the law that will effect taxpayers is the individual mandate requiring individuals to purchase health insurance or receive a penalty. First and foremost, you will not be penalized for not carrying insurance until you file your 2014 tax return in early 2015, this goes for all laws that take effect starting in 2014.

But if you do not carrying qualified minimum coverage by March 31, 2014 you will start to incur a penalty that can amount to either $ 95 dollars per adult + 47.50 per dependent in your household, or 1% of total household income, whichever is greater. The cap of the penalty is annual cost of a bronze rated insurance plan for you or your family. As mentioned earlier, this penalty would have been collected when you file your 2014 return in early 2015 – via a refund reduction or an adjusted balance increase if no refund was due.

One common tax deduction that is going away will have an adverse affect on some teachers, this will cause a taxually increase during 2014 because Congress is not extending the tax deduction that allowed teachers to write off up to $ 250 dollars of their bedroom expenses. Up until now, this deduction was considered above the line, or taking a deduction without itemizing. Since nearly 75% of taxpayers do not have enough deductions to itemize – this could have an impact on a number of teachers nationwide.

Another deduction that is going away is the PMI deduction. Since 2010, homeowners who pay mortgage insurance premiums have been able to deduct them together with the interest they pay on their home loans. This will be no more starting January 1. Homeowners who put down less than 20% during the home purchase process were required to carry this type of mortgage insurance. That being said, mortgage interest and real estate taxes are still deductible in 2014 as an itemized deduction – resulting in homeowners being able to deduct much more than if they rented their home or apartment.

One exemption that is going away but is not getting much attention right now is the primary residence cancellation of debt exclusion. Homeowner's in recent years, who had mortgage debt forgiven by a lender via short sale have been exempted from paying tax on the forgiven debt. This provision was passed to improve liquidity and stabilization in the housing market a few years back, but was not extended through to 2014. Going forward, troubled homeowners may possibly have to include forgiven debt as income in that given tax year. This could have a huge impact on the number of disturbed properties that change hands nationwide – and will dramatically increase the tax liability of homeowners who have all, or a portion of their debt forgiven.

Source by Robert Waldeck

The Weight Loss Checklist

Staying slim and fit is the need of the hour. No matter how much you deny it but somewhere down your mind you want to shed some kilos and be more likeable. Though the idea behind your efforts should be more health related but getting rid of some pounds never hurt anyone, right? So before you realize you are already checking out the internet and following a crash diet that worked for someone 2000 miles away from you with a different lifestyle than yours! But losing weight and sticking to your new weight cannot be ruled by a fad diet. What you need is a plan that keeps you on track even after you have lost the excess fat bags from your belly. We have got some tips for you that can seriously act as your check list of ‘how to lose weight fast’! Read on to know more and take a step towards a better and thinner you!

Calories matter: You just can’t deny the fact that to lose weight you ultimately have to manage the calories that walk in and out of your body. Shedding kilos would begin by losing more calories than you are taking in. So get down to a journal writing now and keep a tab on the number of calories you are ingesting per day and the calories you are burning with your sweat sessions!

Smaller goals

The biggest problem most of us face while on our diet is that we set unrealistic goals and when they are not realized we leave then half way. So before you begin your routine of weight loss learn to set small goals that are attainable. This way you will have motivation for carrying out your efforts in future because you can validate the result through attaining the small goals!

More water intake: A great way to keep your weight in check is by knowing when you are really hungry and when not. Do you know that thirst is great at confusing you and can often seem like hunger? So before you reach for that bag of chips to calm your growling stomach in mid morning, consider having a drink of water. Chances are that by the time you have finished the glass, you are not feeling hungry anymore. Another reason to drink water is that it will boost your metabolism and you will ultimately be less bloated and sleeker!

Check for added sugar: Do you have an answer for your fat that does not budge even when you have been strict with diet food and all? Though you have been eating only ‘healthy’ packed foods, you have been adding piles of sugar to your body that is ultimately showing through the muffin top! The next time you find yourself in a supermarket for some grocery shopping, check the labels of packed foods (you have no idea how much sugar they contain to make boring things tasty!).

Your agenda of Weight Loss in 3 Weeks can be met with these steps despite keeping fad diets at a safe distance. Making healthy choices throughout the day will surely show its benefits and is definitely safer than anyone of those advertisements of losing weight magically with a diet without shedding a drop of sweat!

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Diets That You Need to Stay Away From

Every diet you ever went on left you heavier than before? And there are hundreds of them – the 'eat what you want' diet, the color diet, the only meat diet.

And even if you do lose some weight in the beginning, it usually comes back with some pile-on friends. The key to losing weight is eating fewer calories than you burn. Diets cause weight loss because they are basically low on calories and do not satisfy the body's need for fuel. So after a few weeks of being 'starved', people accept defeat. This sense of failure makes them eat unhealthy, solely for comfort.

Experts say such diets not only fail to impact the dieter's weight in the long term, but also lead to a sense of deprivation, failure and discouragement, denting the self-esteem.

These are the five types of diets that are illegally to produce long-term results.

A.Those who focus on exclusive foods: The diet that focuses on exclusive foods or food groups – such as soup diets, raw food diets and many low carb diets. Your body needs a variety of foods to satisfy its needs for nutrients and such diets are bound to fail in the long run. The moment you restrict yourself from having any particular food, your body automatically triggers a craving for the same.

B.Detox diet: Such a diet demands many intricate procedures like liver flushes, hormone injections, etc. However, many researchers say that there's no scientific proof available as to how effective the detox diet really is. Even without this diet, our organs like the liver and the kidney are accompanied with the body's immune system can help us rid of potential toxins.

C. 'Miracle' Diet: Those who are on a diet are always on the look out of short-cut pills and proteins that will give instant results. However, no single food or a diet for that matter can give immediate results. Healthy weight loss has to be slow and gradual.

D.Very Low Cal Diet: Fasting or reducing calorie intake may seem like the logical way for faster weight-loss. However, when you consume very few calories, your body feels that it's starving and hence, it re-adjusts its metabolism. As a result, when you go back to normal eating, you end up putting on more weight than ever.

If your diet does not stand valid from a scientific perspective, there are little chances that it will have long-term benefits.

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25 Ways to Walk the Walk of Social Good

Recently I had a conversation with a colleague who talked to me about the fact that she wondered if nonprofit professionals walked the walk of social good after work. I asked her what she meant by that, and she replied that she noticed that some people in her nonprofit seemed to “clock out” of doing social good once 5 o’clock rolled around.

She went on to say that she knew people in the sector who talked about how much time they gave to work, but she wondered if they lived the values of a philanthropic life and social good in their lives as a whole. The deeper issue is that she wondered if the work some nonprofit professionals were doing was “just work,” or if it stemmed from a system of values.

I thought that was a good question. And, that got me thinking.

What does it mean to walk the walk of social good after work hours?

I sat down and developed a list of things nonprofit professionals, or frankly, anyone can do to try to live a life of values in making a difference for social good. I’ve heard many people who have gotten into the nonprofit sector because they love a particular mission. I think that’s awesome and the world needs a lot more do-gooders. But, I also believe that the world in general needs a lot more people who walk the walk of social good.

Here are some ideas in case you’re interested in stepping up your social good game.

  1. Listen more and talk less.
  2. Volunteer and give of your time.
  3. Join a nonprofit board of directors.
  4. Give your skills and knowledge to an organization.
  5. Start your own nonprofit or social enterprise.
  6. Mentor someone.
  7. Start a club or group with two priorities: a) mutual interests (e.g. investments, books, community); and, b) making a difference in your community.
  8. Promote social good in a blog or on social media.
  9. Download and use a social good app.
  10. Be kind to everyone in your day­­–you don’t know what they may be going through despite the smile.
  11. Help businesses understand the value of corporate social responsibility and if you have a business, practice CSR.
  12. Take a vacation trip overseas with an excellent organization for “voluntourism.”
  13. Live a sustainable life and lower your carbon footprint–in other words, consume less.
  14. Stop eating meats–51 percent of greenhouse gases come from this inefficient use of agriculture.
  15. Reprioritize how you spend money by giving to a cause instead of buying the latest new toy.
  16. Patronize socially responsible businesses.
  17. Donate your clothes.
  18. Telephone, write note cards or letters to people whom you know may need a friend or are alone.
  19. Collect gently worn, used and new shoes for money and social good.
  20. Learn and support causes or issues concerning race, social justice, gender, LGBTQ.
  21. Raise money for a cause.
  22. Join your local community or school board.
  23. Don’t follow the crowd on social media and live by the golden rule of treating people like you’d want to be treated.
  24. Say thank you and please more often.
  25. Use humor more–life doesn’t have to be so hard, even when it is.

Any one of us can live a life of social good values. If you work in the philanthropic sector, the good you do doesn’t have to end the moment you walk out the door at work. And, if you are not in the nonprofit sector, but care about helping make a better world, I hope this list helps spark some ideas and action for you. As I said, we need a lot more do-gooders.

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